Professional laser shows and stage lightning

Can you imagine a concert or spectacle without light? It’s light that is sometimes called an additional actor, because the role it plays during a show is invaluable. What’s more, with light, it’s possible to replace scenography or create an alternative one anew. Laser – light, color and motion – it’s a key to the success of modern visual arts and artistic event design.

Meet Mediam Event!
Our brand has been founded out of passion for light and modern technology. We create state of the art, unforgettable laser shows, laser mapping and interactive laser attractions. We prepare 360 spherical projections, including show spheres, planetariums and cinemas. We offer holograms and holographic shows. We design video mapping, including spectacles, advertisements and scenography. We deliver special effects and auxiliary interactive attractions. What’s more, we deal with delivering technology and comprehensive lightning design. For years, we’ve been co-creating the greatest events and shows all over the country.

We offer one of a kind visual experience during concerts, festivals, open air events, fashion shows, spectacles and other feasts. Check now what technologies we have and how can we enhance your event. Among our solutions, you can find for example laser systems, large LED screens, water screens, video projectors, smoke generators and many more. We are an experienced provider of laser animations, Motion Design graphic, video mapping, advertising movies, as well as 3D, 360 and VR productions. Start a cooperation with us!

Project of the month


The 22 Great Dragon Parade on the Vistula is behind us!

The best performers 🐉 the best show 🐉 and the best laser show by Mediam Event 🐉.

🐲 The 22nd GREAT DRAGON PARADE made a huge impression on the spectators, who this year gathered more than 20,000.

During this year’s edition, Mediam Lasers illuminated the “GREAT ODLOT.”

We are proud that for years our lasers have accompanied the Grand Dragon Parade in Krakow. We are happy that we provide an extraordinary visual experience to the spectators from Krakow, as well as other cities that come to see this wonderful show organized by GROTESKA THEATER.

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References from our clients

We have twenty years of experience in designing installations and interiors of clubs, museum spaces or public buildings.

ZPUE S.A. board of directors

Mediam are specialists worth recommending. Our cooperation was exemplary. We’d like to emphasize that apart from experience and professionalism, people from Mediam showed exceptional creativity and engagement. Apart form that, they perfectly understood our expectations and needs – and thus fulfilled them completely. What also mattered was their willingness to work under time pressure and tremendous support – both before and during the event.

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Warsaw Bielany District entrusted Mediam sp. z o.o. with the organization of laser shows for the citizens at the end of „Żegnaj lato na Bielanach” picnic.

Cooperation with Mediam sp. z o.o. is a guarantee of high quality, professionalism and reliability.

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MEDIAM Sp. z o.o. from Cracow cooperated with Katowice City of Gardens – Krystyna Bochenek Cultural Institution in the organization of the premiere of Józef Skrzek’s piece “Mariacki Requiem” in Katowice.

We are pleased to say that the choice of MEDIAM Sp. z o.o. was the right one, and the cooperation was very successful.

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“On the basis of our cooperation, we recommend MEDIAM sp. z o.o. as a company guaranteeing high quality of services and a reliable partner when it comes to fulfilling the contract”.

Mediam sp. z o.o. was the Technological Partner of the 10th Film Music Festival. The job has been completed in a manner raising no reservations, with full professionalism and due diligence.

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Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe
Robert Rozciecha
Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe

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Opening of Wisława Szymborska Park

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