Over 5 years ago, we were one of the first companies in Poland, and also in the world, to introduce in our offer ATMO-Sphere spherical domes without any metal frames.

ATMO-Sphere – it’s a space created with spherical, light coating filled with air. The sphere coating is made of special material allowing video projection in such a way, that displayed images are well visible both inside the sphere and outside. ATMO-Sphere multimedia sphere has special door with air locks, so that people can freely walk and communicate inside.  The largest sphere in our offer is 25 m in diameter and 12.5 m high, and it’s probably the largest in Europe. ATMO-Sphere 25 can pack up to 300 people at a time.

Standard ATMO-Sphere equipment includes air conditioners, lasers, multimedia devices and 360 degrees projection system. To additionally intensify the visual experience, we offer also an eight-channel sound system and safe indoor pyrotechnics.