Lubomirski FESTIVAL

One more time, the expert Mediam team faced the challenge of enhancing a great music event. This time, our designers created an atmospheric concept of architecture and effect lightning that was to enhance Lubomirski Festival, which took place on 12-15.10.2018 in Warsaw.


Concert Overture in E major op.


Laser power in Watts


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An audience counting over 500 people gathered in the Archcathedral to listen to an outstanding symphonic concert. The unforgettable moments of musical excitation were accompanied by captivating lightning, providing additional sensation and emotions to the public. Architectural lightning accompanying the song recital in Szuster Palace, piano recital and symphonic concert in the Royal Baths Museum, brought magical atmosphere to the event, at the same time emphasizing the beauty of historical buildings.

Have you been there?

If not, you must come next year.

warszawa lubomirski festiwal

Władysław Lubomirki Festival is a musical event honoring Prince Władysław Lubomirki. It is a cycle of concerts, recitals and exhibitions of prominent Polish artists open to wide public.