Each year in Giżycko, there’s a feast commemorating the legendary Boyen Operation. A unique attraction during this year’s edition of the event commemorating the fortress defense was a Multimedia Sphere – designed and created by MEDIAM to the order of Giżyckie Centrum Kultury.




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On August 9-12, 2018, over two thousands spectators took part in the audio-video projects displayed in a specially constructed Multimedia Sphere.

20 meters in diameter, 10 meters high and as much as 628 square meters of projection surface.

During the event, we used ATMO – Sphere 25 Multimedia Sphere, as well as four PANASONIC 16000 ANSI projectors. For the advanced calibration for the purpose of 360 cinema, VIOSO system was used, which is distributed by Mediam.

Producer Designer: MATEUSZ WOLSKI Producer: PRZEMYSŁAW POTYKA Logistics Manager: BOGDAN HANUSIAK Multimedia Manager: MAREK NOSEK Photo and video producer: MAREK NOSEK