Video mapping is a very popular technology that makes it possible to create an illusion of motoin and change in the appearance of the mapped surfaces and objects. It’s an innovative way of illuminating architecture, objects and people. It’s a tool for creating virtual scenography, a non-standard form of advertising and promotion, or even interior decoration.

Product video mapping With this method, smaller objects get new “colors”. Furniture, cans, or boxes can be “dressed up” with new content. This form will be perfect for trade expositions or fixed installations for store presentations, but it can also be used in the production of film advertisement. If you want your product to attract attention of clients, then with product mapping you can be sure this goal will be achieved.

Stage video mapping Mapping technique is also used for creating stage scenography. An empty stage can adapt a form of virtual space, which cannot be created using any other technique in given conditions. With this innovation, theatrical spectacles can explore new worlds, while galas and concerts can become multimedia entertainment.

Shows created with the use of video mapping are so spectacular, that they are often presented as separate artistic appearances, innovative product presentations or a surprising element of theatrical performances.