We鈥檝e been organizing unique laser shows for 20 years.

We create the largest projects in Poland.

We develop authorship, state of the art technologies.

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Can you imagine a concert or spectacle without light?

We create state of the art, unforgettable laser shows, laser mapping, interactive laser attractions and many more.

We offer one of a kind visual experience during concerts, festivals, open air events, fashion shows, spectacles, company parties and other feasts.

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Laser show during ORANGE FESTIVAL 鈥 Fatboy Slim concert 鈥 Warsaw

Laser show in Warsaw during Orange Festival Fatboy Slim concert in 2013.

An amazing event accompanied by the unforgettable 鈥渓ight and sound鈥 show.

During the event we used 35 lasers with total power of 78 W.

Laser show during DAYGLOW Poland 鈥 Warsaw

Spectacular combination of music, laser shows and other special effects, as well as鈥 paint.

That鈥檚 why Dayglow events organized all over the world are so unique.

During the Warsaw edition of DAYGLOW, we organized the laser show.


Laser shows during the Great Dragon Parade in Cracow

Mediam Event is responsible for effects and laser shows during the Great Dragon Parade in Cracow.

This outstanding show stays in the memories of all the spectators for long.

We invite you to come! Each year it鈥檚 getting more beautiful!


Laser show during MAYDAY 2018 鈥 Katowice

Mayday Poland is the biggest festival of electronic music in the world, cyclically taking place in Katowice since year 2000.

Each year MEDIAM organizes laser shows during this unique event. In 2018, we used 16 RGB lasers, which created fascinating laser spectacle.

Laser show during MAYDAY 2017 鈥 Katowice

Each edition of Mayday Poland delights the participants from all over the world with spectacular laser shows prepared by Mediam Event.

This is what laser show during Mayday 2017 in Katowice looked like.


Laser show during ESKA MUSIC AWARDS 艁贸d藕 2008

Laser show during ESKA Music Awards at L贸d藕 Sports Hall.

During the event, accompanied by concerts of Polish and foreign music stars, we used

Laser show, CO2 generators 鈥 ESKA MUSIC AWARDS 艁贸d藕 2007

500 participants, including dozens of top stars known from Radio ESKA, were watching laser shows during the ESKA MUSIC AWARDS ceremony.

We used 3 lasers with enormous power of 8 W!

On the front of the stage, we placed 6 CO2 generators, firing frozen air 7 meters high.

Behind the stage, we placed 3 fire generators firing live flames 3.5 meters high!


Laser effects on Global Gathering concert 鈥 Pozna艅

MEDIAM Event Technology lasers took part in the great electronic music event in Pozna艅, during the party organized by MSM EVENTS 鈥 Godskitchen 2010.

For the purpose of this project, we delivered high power laser systems from the world renowned KVANT brand.

We used the following devices:


Laser show during SUNRISE FESTIVAL 鈥 Ko艂obrzeg

Sunrise Festival is one of the most popular mass events in Poland, with electronic music and greatest stars of this genre, organized each year at the end of July.

During Sunrise Festival 2014, we used 4 lasers with the power of 20 W each.

Learn about Mediam

Our brand has been founded out of passion for light and modern technology. We create state of the art, unforgettable laser shows, laser mapping and interactive laser attractions. We prepare 360 spherical projections, including show spheres, planetarium and cinemas. We offer holograms and holographic shows. We design video mapping, including spectacles, advertisements and scenography. We deliver special effects and auxiliary interactive attractions. What鈥檚 more, we deal with delivering technology and comprehensive lightning design. For years, we鈥檝e been co-creating the greatest events and shows all over the country.

Laser shows during company events

We offer one of a kind visual experience during concerts, festivals, open air events, fashion shows, spectacles and other happenings. Check now what technologies we have and how can we enhance your event. Among our solutions, you can find for example laser systems, large LED screens, water screens, video projectors, smoke generators and many more. We are an experienced provider of laser animations, Motion Design graphic, video mapping, advertising movies, as well as 3D, 360 and VR productions. Start a cooperation with us!

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