They are used both during large open air events, and intimate artistic or cinematic shows. Laser light creates lightning effects that are impossible to achieve with any other technique, and laser shows always create memorable experience. Laser shows prepared by us are always designed in a non-standard and creative way. Positive surprise on the faces people watching the effect of our work is always the greatest award and source of satisfaction to us.

In May 2004, we became the first Polish member of ILDA (International Laser Display Association), grouping companies dealing with laser shows and introducing standards in the branch, which, combined with comprehensive training of our staff, is a guarantee of the best quality of equipment and services provided by us.

Multi laser show is a dedicated laser show synchronized with multimedia.

We’ve developed a technology guaranteeing full cooperation of lasers with all media. Our system is compatible with standard DMX, Artnet, MIDI, Audio, Video and SMPT signals, which can be send through a wire or wirelessly. With our technology, light, music, video projections, water, pyrotechnic effects and lasers – are all combined, creating one, synchronized and unforgettable laser and multimedia show! The system is perfect for comprehensive management of all multimedia during open air spectacles, theme shows and well-designed concerts.

Graphic shows are sequences of moving images projected with laser beam, creating a unique animated movie, most often synchronized with music. Quick installation of laser systems, no need for justification or using different lenses ­– this is what makes graphic shows a perfect tool, for example for showing movies in places and on the scale unavailable for video projections. Graphic shows can be displayed on buildings, rows of trees, ski slopes or special large-format laser screens. Our animated movie, The legend of the Wawel Dragon, won the international 2015 ILDA award.