LASER HARP is an innovative and very spectacular laser instrument allowing to create music in real time. It turns laser beams into virtual strings. The sound is produced by placing hand on the laser beam. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. With the use of high power laser, the beams will be visible from large distances, creating interactive laser show accompanied by live music.

The game is based on a well-known computer game – ASTEROID, where you control a space ship with a Joystick to shoot asteroids. The system counts points and displays high score list.  With the use of a laser, the game can be displayed in large scale, on buildings, rows of trees, ski slopes or special large-format laser screens.  Asteroid Laser Game is great interactive fun, in which up to 4 players can participate at a time. It is possible to change the displayed graphics in order to adapt them to the client’s needs, to put a logo, etc.

Laser beam instead of a crayon and brush – why not? Another interactive system from Modus in our offer. With the use of dedicated software, LaserBrush, you can write and draw on different surfaces using laser pointer.  Great and spectacular fun for everyone.