HOLOGRAPHIC SHOWS are video projections giving the impression of virtual people and objects existing in 3D space.

The system of holographic projections is created with the use of appropriate scenery and special holographic films. The film can be either flat or in the shape of a pyramid, which intensifies the effect of objects appearing in space. With the use of different holographic technologies, we can prepare large- or small-format holograms.

Holography and holograms are effects with which we can observe virtual objects and images in three dimensions with the naked eye, without using any special glasses or goggles. Holographic shows are performed with the use of special projectors emitting laser beams. Light refracting in special holographic films creates three-dimensional images. Holographic presentations attract attention, fascinate and delight the audience. They offer unforgettable experience and constitute great attraction during an event. However, they require appropriate light conditions – darkness, as well as special stage design. By entrusting a holographic show to a professional company specializing in lighting design, you will get an effect that will meet even the highest expectations.

Holographic effects with the use of a pyramid are applied usually in small-format projections. They can be placed basically anywhere. They have a strong marketing potential and are often used for advertising or entertainment purposes.

Large-format projections require professional stage preparation, dark environment and designing the content in 3D. This way we get really spectacular visual effects.