What CYBERIADA has to offer?

For the first time in Zakopane – a unique place, former “Kresy” residence, where for the first time in the history of the city, electric light was lit – an interactive center of science and fun, CYBERIADA, will be opened for tourists and inhabitants. The center offers entertainment in Smart Fun form – in accordance with the latest trends, emotions will accompany the exploration of reality, stimulating visitors’ creativity and curiosity of the world. This is the first fully multimedia place of this type on Zakopane’s map of attractions. As many as three areas will await the visitors:

  • Science area, that is the place where it will be possible to learn the secrets of the world thanks to multimedia attractions such as holograms, a plasma ball. Visitors will also have the occasion to write with laser or play a light harp. Here you can learn the anatomy of the human eye, how a camera or telescope works, you can see musical Tesla Trafo and Van der Graaf generator.
  • VR games and labyrinth area is the place, where using VR goggles, the newest games will take the sensation-seeking visitors to another world, whereas the twisting paths and special effects combined with atmospheric music will provide unforgettable experience.
  • Artistic area, that is a 360° Multisphere, is an enormous spherical space with the diameter of 20 m and 10 high, in which, for the first time at Podhale, using video mapping, lasers and 360° projections, you will be able to travel to space. Cyclic multimedia and laser shows are planned in the sphere, as well as projections of science and exploration movies, just like in the largest planetariums in the world.