Mediam EVENT

We’ve been with you for over 15 years.

Through all these years, we’ve always opted for the high quality of our services and their innovative character, which bears fruits in the form of international awards and participation in prestigious events, not only locally, but also abroad.

Our engagement and desire to create shows at the highest global standard is what makes people choose us and entrust us with preparing such events as the Great Dragon Parade in Cracow, Orange Warsaw Festival, Mayday, laser scenography for TVN and Energylandia.

We are ready to prepare both open air events, organized on a large scale,

and intimate meetings for a close, very demanding group of viewers.

Mediam Event is just one department of our company.

Mediam Academy, Mediam Trade, Mediam Design and Mediam LAB are departments dealing with trainings, distribution, designing and implementing state of the art devices and multimedia technologies in entertainment industry. Our authorship solutions for 7D cinemas, planetariums, effect lightning, multimedia and special effects gain growing appreciation and attention. You can see them for example in the Copernicus Science Centre, Wieliczka Salt Mine and the biggest Polish entertainment park, Energylandia in Zator.

Our multimedia arsenal is still growing. Currently, we are one of few rental companies, who can offer LED screens with the surface area of over 1000 m2, of which almost 500 m2 with one resolution.

Constantly looking for and implementing new solutions allowed us to be one of the first on the global market to introduce laser mapping, spherical projections and interactive shows.

Recommendations received for our work, words of gratitude, awards and international prizes convince us that the development of our company has taken the right direction and that for us, nothing is impossible.

We believe that our offer will inspire You to begin cooperation with us, and that Your projects and commissions will become challenges triggering our further growth.

I look forward to cooperating with You.

Włodzimierz Duval


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Our mission

Our mission is to fulfill our passion through implementing new technologies in art, entertainment and science, as well as making profit allowing the growth of our company and increasing the standard of living of our employees and business partners.

  • 2003 The Mediam company is founded

    March 2003 – a big day for our small crew – the court has registered our company under the name MEDIAM

  • March 2000